Books I’ve edited for Muse It Up Publishing:

 Bernie Waxman and the Whistling KettleBernie Waxman and the Whistling Kettle by Zev Bagel
Bernie Waxman’s grandfather invented the whistling kettle, and a fine mess that got the family into!

The KeeperThe Keeper by Mel Favreaux
A single mother, drugged. A Were-liger, shunned. Together, can they overcome their internal struggles in a battle set on revenge?

Taming the BeatTaming the Bear by Mel Favreaux
Can Bryce overcome her fears and disabilities, learning to love herself while falling for a Bear at the same time?

Jungle WalkerJungle Walker by Mel Favreaux
In the South American jungle, Henley finds far more than she’d ever dreamed of with Baz, el gato de fantasmas.

blindwalker333x500Blind Walker by Mel Favreaux
Without fate, justice truly is blind; separating them comes with dire consequences.

Jose Picada, P. I. : Act of AbductionJose Picada, P.I.: Act of Abduction by Heather Fraser Brainerd & David Fraser
Josie P. Cates, P.I., tangles yet again with supernatural forces… and bad dates.

waitwatchers imgLiberty Heights Series Book 6: Wait Watchers by Elle Druskin
Men definitely make passes at gals who wear glasses or are nearly blind without them. Romance rules in Wait Watchers!

shadowsofnewyork333x500Shadows of New York by Heather Fraser Brainerd & David Fraser
Josh Cooper is surprised when his new nanny is a dude. How’ll he handle learning he’s also a werewolf?

downeastgirl_333x500Down East Girl by Julie Davis
What happens when all your dreams come true and you realize they’re not what your heart desires?

dreamwalker333x500Dream Walker: A Sanctuary Novel Book 3 by Mel Favreaux
Can her family forgive Kit for twenty years of heartache when they learn the true reason why she left?

pranksgivingimgPranksgiving: A Liberty Heights Thanksgiving Short Story by Elle Druskin
Birdnapped! Who stole Jerome the celebrity turkey? Why? Join the hunt and fun of a Liberty Heights Thanksgiving!

adamsandeve imgAdams and Eve: A Liberty Heights Halloween Short Story by Elle Druskin
Come as an Adams to LouAnn’s Halloween party. Which Adams has murder on his mind? Celebrate Halloween—Liberty Heights style.

shadowwalker200x300Shadow Walker by Mel Favreaux
Learning to love and trust isn’t easy. When Dean’s attacked, there’s a possibility he’ll turn. Can were-tigers even love werewolves?

blackcatsandballetslippers 333x5001Black Cats and Ballet Slippers by Iva Pavlakovic
Gemma Mayfield believes there is witchcraft going on at her middle school…can she unravel the truth about her teacher?

soundofsirens333x500Jose Picada, P.I.: Sound of Sirens by Heather Fraser Brainerd & David Fraser
Thanksgiving dinner with the family can be murder. Especially when someone is actually trying to kill you.

A Kiss at Vespers imgA Kiss at Vespers by Anne E. Johnson
Asta stows away on a ship to Ireland, never guessing how her faith and love will be challenged.

walkersrun200x300Walker’s Run: A Sanctuary Novel Book 1 by Mel Favreaux
With the return of a Goddess, vengeance is reborn. Can Casey survive and bond with the Mother of all Weres?

rodeodaze imgRodeo Daze: A Liberty Heights Series Book 5 by Elle Druskin
Jim Kildare is determined to win Renee’s heart. Plans go haywire thanks to Grandma Dixie Sue and ghost sightings.

Beware of the White imgBeware of the White: A Concord Chronicles Book by Kai Strand
Can Nature’s Spirit, Terra, maintain the peace of Concord or will Blanco, leader of the death tribe, defeat her and the underground city?

Light My Fire imgLight My Fire: A Liberty Heights Series Book 4 by Elle Druskin
It’s campaign season! Mayor Woodrow Wilson is running for re-election while widowed Kara is campaigning for his heart.

deceptionaldente200x300Jose Picada, P.I.: Deception Al Dente by Heather Fraser Brainerd & David Fraser
Epic 2014 E-book Award finalist

New detective Josie Cates never thought her first real case would lead to the world of black magic.

Valor of a Woman imgValor of a Woman by Mel Favreaux
To stay or go? Either would end in pain. What choices would you make for love?

Strength of Spirit by Amanda Litfin

The Silver Seahorse imgThe Silver Seahorse by Judy Winn
Love, danger and betrayal change Nessie Polite’s life while she uncovers her family’s secrets.

Ebenezer’s Locker by Anne Johnson

Hanky Panky imgHanky Panky: A Liberty Heights Series Book 3 by Elle Druskin
It’s Grandma as matchmaker along with Algernon the Meerkat. More romance, fun and mayhem in Liberty Heights.

The Wishing Ring imgThe Wishing Ring by Shellie Neumeier
Princess Ally and a ninja apprentice search for a magic wishing ring that could save or destroy both their futures.

Life of the Party imgLife of the Party: A Liberty Heights Series Book 2 by Elle Druskin
It’s love and laughter in Liberty Heights when social director Ellie Marx hits town and collides with cranky Zach Resnick who is trying to write a book.

AnimalCrackers imgAnimal Crackers: A Liberty Heights Series Book 1 by Elle Druskin
Workaholic New Yorker Hayley Weaver and New Jersey small town veterinarian Jake Marx collide in love and laughter in Animal Crackers.

GoingToTheDogs imgGoing to the Dogs by Elle Druskin
Do a dog-hating cop and a cute dog trainer have a chance at finding love? They can when a junk food addicted poodle decides to play Cupid.

Mind_Over_Matter_4eaff73404d4bMind Over Matter by Sandra Clarke
Winner: Georgia Romance Writers 2012 Maggie Award of Excellence for Published Authors, Paranormal/Fantasy Romance.
Finalist: 2012 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence for Romantic Suspense.
2nd Place, Best First Book  – Published Category, of the 2012 Romance Through The Ages Contest (RTTA)
Winner, The 2012 Golden Gateway Award, Published
Winner, The 2012 Golden Claddagh, Published Category

A mother faces her worst nightmare when she discovers her missing daughter is scheduled to die in mere days.