Lavender_DreamsLavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams is a collection of nonfiction and fiction based on true stories, and fictional stories. A group of authors donated these stories along with their royalties by  to help fight cancer.

Nine Muse It Up Authors dedicated this anthology to all those affected by cancer. As a result, royalties gained from sales of this anthology will comprise an annual donation to a cancer research organization, or a hospice to help combat and discover a cure.

My contribution

My contribution “A Blessing in Disguise,” is in memory of my adoptive brother who passed away from leukemia not quite the age of four, five years before I was born and in memory of my birth father, paternal grandparents and maternal grandfather. And also in memory of my friends and colleagues, especially  Karen McGrath, a fellow editor at the Muse who passed away in 2011, whom this awful disease took from us.  .

Help support the fight to end cancer. Click on the cover image  and get your copy now.

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