What do I write?

Non-fiction articles (personal experience, parenting, senior keyboard hands 2560X1440

issues, etc.) and books.

My memoir
A multi country double adoption memoir.

A book on the elected presidents prior to George Washington, in research stage.

pine treeWhy PineTree Whispers?

In the Hebrew language my last name, Oren, means pine tree. Since I wear hearing aids, I don’t always hear what’s being said; many times nothing more than a whisper. The pine tree has many stories (whispers) to tell, but how many people hear them? I want to hear those whispers, but most of all I want people to hear mine.

“Life is a handful of short stories, pretending to be a novel.” — Unknown

Anthologies I’ve Been Published Inbooks and books and more books

Thin Thread Stories – Recovery and Survival, ed. by Stacey K. Battat

Lavender Dreams, ed. by Lea Schizas,

Books I’ve written

Bonded at Birth: An Adoptees Search for Her Roots   

Selling Yourself and Your Product: a Guide for Writers

Let Chocolate Be Your Friend: What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You as a Child

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